Cafe Crank Blinds

Cafe Crank Blinds are ‘gear-driven’ and don’t use visible ropes and pulleys and are operated via a removable crank handle that clips into a control mechanism at one end.

Cafe Crank blinds can be installed with or without side guides, and fixing points can be mounted on the ground using stainless steel flush-mounted clips.

 They are easy to maintain and operate, adding ambience to your outdoor area for year-round enjoyment.

Like all of our blinds – they are custom-made using heavy-duty zips and reinforced edging for extra strength. They are easy to add to your existing outdoor structure, and are manufactured from high-grade marine-quality PVC with exceptional clarity, durability, and UVR protection.

Café Crank-operated Blinds offer excellent weather protection and don’t detract from your view.