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Frequently Asked Questions – Cafe Blinds

Blind Awning Questions

Your home is likely to be one of the most significant purchases you ever make. You will spend many hours, and probably years, living and entertaining there. Enjoying the great Australian outdoors is our way of life. At Café Blinds Australia we take our role very seriously in helping to improve your home. To guarantee you the best possible results Café Blinds Australia use only the highest grade materials for our shade/patio/bistro blinds. Our blinds are produced specifically with the extremes of Australia’s weather conditions in mind.Following are some Frequently Asked Questions on the blinds we offer as well as some other questions you may need answers for while selecting shade, bistro, patio or other types of blinds.

Surely a blind is just a blind, how much difference can there be?

Care needs to be taken when selecting your blinds. PVC has wide range of uses which means that it has variations in grades and quality. Some manufacturers choose the wrong PVC and hardware for Australian conditions which results in poor quality cafe, patio, Bistro blinds that do not perform to consumer expectations. Be sure to choose a reputable company that supplies blinds designed for Australian climates.

What guarantees do I have that my blinds are what you say they are?

Café Blinds Australia provide a 2 year warranty with all our blinds. Café Blinds Australia is committed to providing you with superior quality blinds. This means:

  • we use only the right materials made specifically for all Australian conditions
  • the very best in manufacturing
  • trained installers
  • a proud and committed team of staff and distributors providing you a great product with great service

The ultimate piece of mind is our 2 year warranty.

I am spending a lot of money on improving my home. How can I be sure that my investment is going to last?

Be sure you read any warranty carefully. Some blind suppliers offer what seem like very long term warranties, however, there may well be lots of exclusions in the fine print. Remember not all warranties are what they appear to be.

Some zips look like they fall apart, why?
Some companies incorrectly use chunky tooth style zips

At Café Blinds Australia we use marine grade lockdown spiral zips which are designed for the toughest conditions. With regular care and lubrication zips will last the life of the blind. Some manufacturers incorrectly use chunky tooth style zips which are designed for tents and sleeping bags, not blinds under wind load.

Why do blinds change colour, go milky, go brown and crack?

Many good quality PVC’s are simply not suited to the Australian environment and the molecular structure of the laminate ‘breaks down’ causing the blind to appear ‘milky’. Café Blinds Australia uses only quality, non-stick Japanese PVC suited for all Australian conditions.

Some manufacturers and suppliers use PVC
that is not suited for blinds in Australia
  • Lightweight blind
  • Blind torn
  • No reinforcing
  • Excessive shrinkage
  • Wrong PVC used
Some patio/bistro blinds look like they have rust and mould in the bottom pocket!

If a sealed bottom pocket is used along with incorrect bottom tube this can result in sweating occurring, this in turn develops mould and rust.

Why do some blinds “sag”?

Some manufacturers use a lightweight bottom tube that is not able to support the weight of the blind when open and too light to keep the blind taught when closed.

We use a heavy duty galvanised tube and premium grade hardware that is stronger and heavier to keep the blinds shape

Some manufacturers use a lightweight bar which is not strong enough to support the weight of the blind when open or closed.
At Café Blinds Australia we use a heavy duty galvanised tube which provides all the support needed to prevent sagging, reduce wrinkles and stabilise the blind in heavy weather conditions.
REMEMBER: It is vital that you always roll your blinds up correctly and fasten them with the clips or ties supplied especially when severe weather conditions are forecast. Combine this with regular care and maintenance and your blind will provide you with years of trouble free use.

Snaplock water proof straps to secure the blind 0.75mm UV treated PVC material (available in clear or tinted) Powder Coated Aluminium rope track
(non corrosive and extra support) Bolt Rail reinforcing
(extra strength and non stretch) Size 10 spiral marine grade zip Cleats (secure the blind for minimal movement) 50mm galvanized bottom roller (extra weight for more stability) Rope & pulley set ( available on Zip Roll Up systems only) Powder coated custom fitted hood (optional) Retractable spring loaded awning rod under hood Powder coated aluminium guide track (non corrosive and extra support) Bottom rail and weather flap (standard) Pull handle as required 10 mm elegant seams (glued and stitched) Storm Clips (secure the blind for minimal movement)